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Pint Sized Protectors of Love & Freedom

Showcase of a Dommie with leopard skin head
Our Dommie tribute to MJ

Dommies are programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The first generation consists of 10,000 randomly assembled rubberheads from over 1.6 million possible permutations.

Showcase of Dommie with a Lava Lamp head
Showcase of Dommie with Terazzo head

Dommies are continually spawning. Our second generational drop will allow you to breed the third generation, by combining the first and second generation in the blockchain equivalent of a Japanese rabuho ラブホ, resulting in... viola!...A Baby Dommie!

Showcase of our rarest gold Dommie with gold crown
Our Dommie tribute to Pennywise

Dommies are built to spread the message of free love and safe sex. Above all, Dommies are meant for like-minded folks like yourself to be part of community. Just like our Dommies, we wanna build a house strong to withstand the test of time. Our message of free love and community bonds will resonate through time and many generations of Dommie spawns. Strap on a Dommie and embrace the ethos. Dommies are Legion. Dommies will prevail.


The devil
in the details

Every single trait is lovingly rendered in 3D and given life in our studio. Adopting a Dommie simply means you're adopting a high quality piece of art, based tongue in cheek on iconoclastic representations in popular culture.

Dommies never disappoint, so pop one in your wallet, and get a kinder surprise, sort of!

Wireframe of our Dommie model

Finishing it off
with style

Adopting a Dommie is like getting a digital lucky draw scratch card... you never know whatcha gonna get!

There's a chance for everyone to land an extremely rare specimen, like a Robocop Dommie. Even after the adoption run ends, you can always swap around on OpenSea for the Dommie that resonates the best for you.

Lots of attention paid to getting the right finish

Giving back
some love

12% of recurring sales on OpenSea will be donated to safe sex education and another 12% used to sweep the price floor so we can finally bring our Dommies back into the fold, where they will given out as prizes in community raffles.

Adding the right expressions to our Dommie

Adopt a Dommie

Dommies bring you into a whole new other dimension, one which we are continually building on and improving. The Jean Pocket Metaverse is something we are working on and which we'll be excited to showcase once we have a sell out situation.

Community is Everything

Join the tribe and flash your Dommie with pride. We believe Dommies together are stronker than life and the Dommie DAO will decide the fate of the community going forward.

Invest in Freedom

Dommies will throw breeding into the mix and who knows, you might be able to incubate existing Dommies to spawn more Dommies. The future is bright and unrelenting, just like the Dommies we hold in our wallets.


First Dommie prototype


Dommies are never bought. They are adopted for a fee as their birth and creation requires careful crafting, sweat and grind. Adoption dates can be found in our Discord.

Nothing beats the feeling of onwing your first Dommie


12% of all secondary sales will go towards the DAO community wallet. Another 12% will go towards safe sex education, and another 12% will be used to sweep the price floor.

NFT Airdrops to our Dommie community


All Dommie adoptees will be airdropped their complementary counterpart shortly after we sellout. Combined, the two could potentially incubate the most important drop of all — the Baby Dommie.

Dommie merchandise on the way!


Every time a Dommie gets rescued from OpenSea, we’ll put him up for adoption again. Only this time, they go to a worthy foster. We understand that raising a Dommie is tough cos they don’t sit still and are quite the handful!

Team Members

Luchador Dommie
Hombre Dom
Shillionaire Extraordinaire
BDSM Dommie
Big Daddy Developer
Eggplant Dommie
The Phandom
Creative Juice Blender
Street Dommie
Modelling Mistress
Mexican Deathmask Dommie
Invincible Illustrator



Hours of


Traits &



Dommies are just the right kinda NFTs I fomo into. Funny, cheeky and saucy all at once!

DeRekt Tong

the Etherlife

These guys are so passionate about NFTs, it's no wonder they decided to start their own line. And what can I say, they're pretty cute too! (the Dommies, I mean...)

Rachel Donahue

Art Collector

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